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Combine the power of ParusOne unified communications with a small office multi-extension system and you have ParusOffice virtual PBX.

Ideal for home offices and small businesses that want the look and feel of a big business, ParusOffice channels phone calls through a single toll-free number with no busy signals. Calls are answered by a virtual receptionist who quickly and professionally routes customers via an easy-to-use option menu. In fact, by eliminating the need for live receptionists, and with no equipment to buy or maintain, ParusOffice is extremely cost-effective.

Is your team always on the go? ParusOffice gives each user all the features of ParusOne unified communications, including a virtual assistant to answer calls 24/7, plus fax, voice mail, e-mail and conferencing on the fly. Business meetings are easy when you use ParusOffice video conferencing with up to 50 legs -- ideal when your staff or clients are situated across town or even across the globe.

And when your business grows, ParusOffice easily grows with it. Just contact Customer Care to quickly add extensions or functionality to your PBX system without breaking your budget. ParusOffice is yours from as little as 50 cents per day.

ParusOffice Virtual PBX Solution Offers:
  • Hosted front-end call routing that replaces receptionist and traditional key systems; no hardware or software to buy or maintain.
  • Calls are routed to any employee at any location according to personalized call routing rules.

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