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Taj Reneau

Taj Reneau Parus Interactive CEOChairman and Chief Executive Officer, Parus Interactive

Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Taj Reneau led the charge to establish Parus Interactive as the leader in speech-enabled unified communications. A pioneer in the UC industry, his vision drives overall performance and strategy for Parus Interactive, including finance, operations and growth.

Taj began his career as a technology consultant specializing in building wireless facilities and data centers in Central America and Mexico. Later, he co-founded EffectNet, a messaging company where his duties as CEO included client acquisition and product development. “Before ‘unified communications’ was a buzzword, we were in the forefront of driving the UC space,” Reneau said.

EffectNet partnered with Webley Systems to provide unified communications to its growing customer base. Ultimately, Reneau saw the need for more control over the UC product. “We owned the customer relationships, but wanted to be closer to the technology in order to customize and change it to better serve our clients,” he said. The two companies merged in 2001 and ultimately became Parus Interactive.

Under Taj’s guidance, Parus Interactive continues to innovate. “Our extensive patent portfolio represents the reality that Parus Interactive was the first company to make breakthrough inventions in the field of communications managed by speech recognition, and we intend to continue our efforts to build on these successes,” Reneau added. 

Taj Reneau earned a BA from Central Washington University and an MBA from the University of Portland. Fluent in Spanish, he once volunteered for a year at a Honduras hospital. He enjoys numerous outdoor sports and most values time spent with his family.