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System Integration

Parus Interactive works with clients to ensure protected, dependable and high performance Parus Interactive® speech solutions. We use existing web infrastructure to deploy secure and reliable back-end data interfaces between our networks.

Parus Interactive’s Assimilate™ technology allows rapid, robust access to data from a wide variety of back-end systems, including mainframes, databases and customized client-server sources. Using business rules and logic, we speech-enable the data you select, converting it into relevant information that is accessible to your customers in an intuitive, speech-driven interaction. This means that our speech-enabled services can access any relevant data, regardless of its source, and make it part of the hosted call center.

Typically, an interface can be created using XML/HTTP via Virtual Private Network (VPN) or other standard protocols. In many cases no changes are required to an existing client web application. In the absence of an existing web infrastructure or application, we provide custom data integration solutions based on client requirements.

In partnership with industry-leading providers of voice recognition technology, Parus Interactive also provides complete integration of Parus Interactive® contact center automation technology. Existing client-owned hardware assets can be integrated into our hosted software solutions to create comprehensive speech-enabled customer care programs.