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Solutions for Business Professionals (Prosumers)

With Parus Interactive's communications solutions, individuals who operate businesses from a single office and/or home office, or high-end consumer/professional users can operate their own professional office from the convenience of their home, phone or laptop with relatively little investment.

Parus Interactive's ParusOne™ unified communications, ParusSpeak™ IVR and ParusMobile™ applications are ideal for:

Home Offices and Small Businesses
Small Office / Home Office users who use the service as a business line, but operate out of a home office or shared office space. These users typically want to portray the image of a larger, more professional organization but do not have the infrastructure to do so.
High-End Consumers and Professionals
These are typically advanced users who see the productivity gains offered by Parus’ unified communications tools and are willing to pay for a premium service because they know that it helps them communicate more effectively.

For the Small/Home Office users and professionals, we suggest the following Parus Interactive products:

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