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Sales Channel Partners

Parus Interactive historically markets its Parus Interactive® services through these channel partnerships:

Direct Selling Organizations
Direct Selling is a channel of distribution for the marketing of products and services directly to consumers. Partners who distribute Parus branded solutions to their small business/home office sales force include consumer products producers, insurance companies, financial services, network marketers, nutrition/health, etc.

DSOs conduct business in more than 56 countries, accounting for over $100 billion in worldwide retail sales. More than 57 million home office/small business independent business owners (IBOs) worldwide provide the distribution channel for DSOs.
Through DSO relationships, Parus Interactive provides:
  • Increased DSO core product revenues through better IBO communication, training, new customer reach
  • Single supported technology platform-consistent usability and training
  • Volume discounts passed on to IBOs
  • Opportunity to make commissions on IBO customers using Parus services
  • Professional company image for IBOs

Partners who sell Parus branded or private label solutions.
Through this direct relationship, Parus Interactive provides:
  • Turn-key Parus services to partners looking to leverage their existing small business customer bases
  • Customized/private label look and feel, product features, billing and support options
  • A source of revenue for the independent reseller

Become a Parus Interactive sales channel partner! Distribute Parus Interactive® communications products to increase your organization's revenues and improve communications!

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