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Parus Interactive Announces Landmark Patent On Speech-Enabled Communications Technology

Bannockburn, IL August 11, 2004

Parus Interactive was awarded U.S. Patent No. 6,775,264 (the '264 patent) covering 31 claims involving computer and telecommunications networks for receiving, sending and managing information among networks and user communications devices.

"Computer, Internet and Telecommunications Based Network," issued August 10, 2004 to Parus Interactive, Inc., covers a wide range of features and functionalities, enabling users to initiate, receive, manage and manipulate telephone calls, e-mails, faxes, conference calls, voice messages, administrative data or contact lists over a traditional telephony or Internet-connected network that is enabled by speaker-independent speech command recognition.

Using Parus Interactive's newly patented technology, speech-enabled interfaces link users through communications networks to a full range of information needs without the cumbersome and inefficient requirement of human operators or touch-tone commands. Parus Interactive's speech-enabled communications technology can potentially streamline inbound and outbound communications in a wide variety of settings, including bill payment solutions, call center and CRM applications, directory assistance services, enhanced PBX and ACD systems, telematics, voice dialing, voice portals, unified communications and unified messaging.

"Speech is the most natural of human-to-machine interfaces," observed Taj Reneau, Chief Executive Officer of Parus Interactive, "and many enterprises and markets will benefit greatly from the use of Parus Interactive's newly patented technology. Parus Interactive intends to aggressively pursue every licensing opportunity presented by the '264 Patent."

The '264 Patent application was filed March 2, 1998 and claims priority to an application filed March 3, 1997. The '264 Patent represents groundbreaking advances in the use of speaker-independent speech recognition in telephony and Internet communications. The '264 Patent is the parent patent to a number of other patent initiatives of Parus Interactive. Parus Interactive also has seven U.S. and foreign patents and pending patent applications covering a variety of features and functionalities related to Parus Interactive's communications technology.

"Parus Interactive has invested heavily in its technology and is committed to continuing investments in new and expanded technology to maintain Parus Interactive's long-established technology leadership in unified communications, unified messaging and related services," said Reneau. "Parus Interactive is carefully studying the applicability of its broad patent portfolio in a variety of markets, products and services and the development of a licensing program to make these valuable technologies available to others."

The full text of the '264 Patent can be viewed at .

About Parus Interactive
Founded in 1997, Parus Interactive, a division of Parus Holdings, Inc., is one of the most innovative communications companies in the world. Parus has developed a proven way to link virtually every facet of the communications universe in a single, unified, remarkably dependable solution enabled by speaker-independent speech recognition. Under the CommuniKate™ brand, Parus hosts a complete suite of enhanced communications services, including unified communications, virtual PBX, IP Centrex, audio and Web conferencing and integrated faxing solutions that are positioned to meet the needs of individuals, remote workforces, distributed sales organizations and enterprises. Parus maintains offices in Phoenix, Arizona and the Chicago suburb of Bannockburn, Illinois.

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