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Network Marketing

Network Marketing Industry Challenges
Independent Business Owners and Network Marketing Industry leaders need to stay in touch 24/7, yet they don’t always have the resources to hire skilled staff that would give them the professional image they wish to convey to the public. Therefore, IBOs and Network Marketing Industry leaders are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to efficiently and cost-effectively manage their communications and speech applications.

Parus Interactive's Speech Applications
The first step in every Parus Interactive® speech application assessment is to understand our clients' business imperatives in the network marketing industry. We analyze the communications tools and speech applications required for their success and identify opportunities to assist our clients in reaching their business goals.

For IBOs and the Network Marketing industry in general, we offer Unified Communications, which consolidates all your communications needs into one easy-to-use speech application.

  • Warranty Repairs
  • Product Assembly
  • B2B Supplies Tracking
  • Transport Status
  • Utilities Outage Status
  • Utility Start Service

Parus Interactive's Parus Interactive® Virtual Assistant speech application allows network marketing industry leaders and IBOs to convey a professional image easily and affordably.

Benefits of Parus Interactive's Speech Application
  • Front-end call routing that replaces receptionist and traditional key systems; no hardware or software to buy or maintain.
  • Calls are routed to any employee at any location according to personalized call routing rules.
  • Provides a cost-effective solution to all your communications needs
  • Professionally answers calls around the clock via your personalized auto-attendant
  • Forwards phone calls and messages to your cell phone (or any phone)
  • Sends and receives e-mail and voice mail
  • Listen to and reply to messages
  • Receive, view, send and store faxes
  • Host or attend video and audio conferences
  • Manage contacts and calendars