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Industry Challenges
Tough global competition requires that companies change their conventional manufacturing practices. Customers expect better products at lower prices, which requires less operator intervention and better interfaces between humans and machines. Now more than ever, the manufacturing industry is focusing on high-quality, cost-effective customer service.

Speech Applications
The first step in every assessment is to understand our client’s business imperatives. We analyze current channels by customer segment and identify potential opportunities to further improve self-service call centers.  

Speech applications might include:
  • Warranty Repairs
  • Product Assembly
  • B2B Supplies Tracking
  • Transport Status
  • Utilities Outage Status
  • Utility Start Service
  • Improves efficiency and productivity while decreasing costs and delivering a return on investment (ROI).
  • Improves customer support.
  • Creates more responsive and cost-effective relationships with suppliers.
  • Improves time to market through closer collaboration with partners and suppliers.
  • Provides timely information for customers and employees.
Case Study