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Hosted Speech Solutions

Parus Interactive’s hosted Parus Interactive® speech recognition solutions allow business to provide their customers with natural, conversational speech patterns in a self-service customer care environment. More usable than touchtone, more cost-effective than live operators, Parus Interactive’s hosted Parus Interactive® speech recognition solutions respond to callers’ growing preference for speech-enabled, automated customer care and IVR solutions.

Leveraging our patented speech recognition based technology and proven customer care methodologies, we create high-quality, cost-effective speech recognition solutions customized to each client’s unique business and customer IVR needs. Parus Interactive’s solutions make natural language interactive voice response and Parus Interactive® hosted speech recognition affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

A Parus Interactive® hosted speech recognition solution from Parus Interactive removes the burden of managing day-to-day operations and makes ongoing financial and management commitments predictable for our clients. They can focus on running their core business and optimizing their resources, while leveraging our IVR expertise in the call center. And every Parus Interactive customer care solution is scalable to changing requirements as a client’s business evolves.

Parus Interactive specializes in providing businesses with automated, Parus Interactive® hosted interactive voice response solutions for self-service customer care, based on voice recognition. Our hosted call center solutions are automated, modular, and enabled by an award-winning voice recognition technology with a robust call center infrastructure.