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Direct Response

Industry Challenges
Traditional direct response campaigns can be expensive and often yield low response rates. Therefore, advertising and marketing professionals are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to efficiently and cost-effectively gather customer data.  

Speech Applications
The first step in every assessment is to understand our client’s business imperatives. We analyze current channels by customer segment and identify potential opportunities to further improve self-service call centers.

Speech applications might include:
  • Product Sample Requests
  • Catalog Requests
  • Data Collection/Caller Demographics
  • Customer Surveys
  • Lead Qualification
  • More cost effective solution than using live agents.
  • Speech recognition enables a wider range of responses than DTMF input, and eliminates the translation errors inherent with live agents.
  • Pre-built modules allow fast deployment to meet the tight deadlines often associated with promotional campaigns.
  • Capacity can be scaled to handle from ten to hundreds of calls simultaneously.
  • Spoken prompts are designed to gather information in the most efficient, accurate way.
  • Your brand image and messaging is professionally and consistently conveyed, each and every call.
  • Outbound messages can be sent to callers with confirmations or other customized information.
  • 24/7 availability and lower hold times enable higher completion rates.
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