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Custom-Built Speech Solutions

A custom-built solution from Parus Interactive can arm you with the Parus Interactive® speech solution you need to transform your contact center into a top performing function and keep it performing optimally over time. Our consulting services enable companies to enjoy lower costs, higher revenues and improved satisfaction in critical customer-facing areas by leveraging the power of voice recognition technology.

Each hosted speech recognition solution begins with an assessment during which we learn your business objectives, understand your operating environment and customer needs, and define success criteria. Then we determine goals; design the speech application and integrate technology components; test usability, performance, and reliability; and deploy the speech recognition solution in our secure hosting environment. Our Media Switching Platform, built on native Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology, ensures carrier-class performance.

Every custom-built solution is tested and fully functional at the time it’s launched. On an ongoing basis, we use key performance indicators to monitor and manage your speech recognition solution to meet service level objectives and achieve optimal performance for your customer care program